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Where to Buy Flaxseed Oil and Top Rated Flaxseed Oil Supplements?

Flaxseed Oil Supplements

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The assortment of flaxseed oil in the market is very wide in types, prices and brands. If you want to know where to buy flaxseed oil and its supplements, first of all, you should find out how to choose the right flaxseed oil beneficial for you.When you choose the best flaxseed oil, there are certain details you should pay attention to if you need high quality products with optimal quantity of omega-3 fatty acids and natural taste.

Below you will be provided with the tips of how and where to buy flaxseed oil.

Features of the best flaxseed oil supplements

When you buy flaxseed oil, whether in bottles or in capsules look for the following features,  as WHFoods, LiveStrong recommend:

  • Unrefined and cold pressed:

Cold pressed oil is pressed at low temperatures and heat doesn’t damage omega-3 fatty acids. Unrefined oil means that minimal processing is used for manufacturing it. 

  • Organic flaxseed oil or made from certified-organic flax seeds:

The best flax is grown without artificial fertilizers and pesticides.

  • Includes 100% pure oil:

Always read the label to check the content of the oil. Make sure that you buy 100% flaxseed oil without additives. Sometimes manufacturers add pumpkin seed oils, sesame seed oil (read what is sesame oil) or sunflower oil. They are not harmful, but you should be sure that you are buying exactly what you are looking for.

  • GMO-free:

People prefer avoiding genetically modified food. There is flaxseed oil in the market with GMO-free labels.

  • Packaged in low oxygen environment and in dark bottles:

Flaxseed oil liquid is very subject to oxidation. Look for products packaged and even processed in the low oxygen environment. Oil is also damaged by light exposure. The best flaxseed oil should be in dark opaque bottles. Nature’s Life Organic Flaxseed Oil is an example of oil packaged in dark bottles.

Flaxseed oil should be kept in refrigerators. It’s better to buy oils kept in the fridges in a store.

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Try flaxseed oil pills and softgels

If you don’t want to taste the oil or to keep track of its storage conditions you may buy flaxseed oil capsules and flaxseed oil tablets. Always check the dosage of flaxseed oil per capsule. The higher dosage is preferable; you won’t have to take many capsules every day. Read more how much flaxseed oil we need.

Flaxseed oil price

One ounce of bottled liquid oil usually costs from 75 cents to $1. There are bottles from 8 to 32 ounces available. Don’t choose large bottles as the shelf life of flaxseed oil is short.

The price of flaxseed oil softgels depends on the number of them in a pack and on their dosage. The average price for 100 1000-mg capsules is $15-25. Read the label to see what amount of flaxseed oil you are buying.

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Where can I buy flaxseed oil?

Flaxseed oil is rarely sold in supermarkets and your local groceries. The best place to buy flaxseed oil is a health food store. You can also buy flaxseed oil on the internet but I would advise you to purchase liquid oil in stores where you can check if it is stored correctly and its shelf life is not expired soon.

Most popular brands of flaxseed oil

WebMD lists the users revews of flaxseed oil.

One of the most popular flaxseed oils is Barlean’s flaxseed oil. It is considered to have the best nutritional content. The brand is remarkable for its pure unfiltered and unrefined flaxseed oil.

Nature Made Flaxseed oil is known for the best capsules. The pack contains 225 soft gel capsules, 1000 mg each.