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Sesame Oil Substitute: Useful Tips

sesame oil substitute

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Almost everyone involved in household duties will know: at times it happens that you simply don’t have necessary ingredient by hand, for example, sesame oil. Of course you can try rushing to the nearest shop or market, but as well you can simply find a sufficient sesame oil substitute. We will provide you with few tips concerning other products you can use as a substitute for it.

Cooking purposes

Sesame seed oil is most commonly used as an ingredient in cooking, whether as frying oil or salad seasoning. And you can find a lot of sesame oil recipes. It is hard to be substituted because of specific flavor, however, it is still possible.

  • Use peanut oil

Sesame oil is known for its rich nutty taste, which is quite unique. It is hard to find another oil with same taste, but peanut oil is the closest you can get. Use same amount of peanut oil as it is required for sesame, but you can also try and add less or more according to your taste

  • Sesame seeds

If you don’t have oil but you need it for taste only, then you can add toasted sesame seeds in your dish. Toast the seeds for few minutes on the pan, shaking them constantly to ensure all seeds receive same amount of heat. Afterwards, add them gradually to the dish, tasting after every add, because if you put all the seeds at once you may end up with too much sesame aroma in your dish.


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Health purposes

In case you are using sesame seed oil for health purposes to get sesame oil benefits for blood pressure, for example, and you have to substitute it, olive oil will serve as perfect choice. Due to olive oil nutrition profile, as Mayo Clinic states, it is close to sesame oil in value and can be used for some of the purposes you would normally use sesame oil for.


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Do It Yourself

Another choice is to make sesame seed oil by yourself. For this, as Ehow suggests, you shall need some vegetable oil (or canola) and sesame seeds. For one cup of oil,1/4 cup of sesame seeds should be sufficient. Mix seeds and oil together and put it in the skillet on medium heat. Be careful not to burn the seeds. And when you notice they start browning, take the pan off the heat. After you cool the mixture, put it in blender and mix till the uniform state. Afterwards, rest it for a couple of hours, then strain the oil and put it in the bottle or any other suitable container.