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Does Sesame Oil Go Bad? A Question to Consider

does sesame oil go bad

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In household you never know when certain products will come in handy and therefore, knowing their storage duration will help you save time and effort in deciding when to purchase them and in what quantity. When does sesame oil go bad?

What does shelf life of sesame oil depend on?

There are few key factors that determine how fast the oil may go rancid. Among them are:

  • Type of oil

Non-refined pure oil is the best choice for consumption but unfortunately it stands on the first place when speaking about going rancid. Non-refined oil preserves the nutrition value of sesame and has plant compounds in it. Such composition makes the chances of rancidity quite high. If plant compounds are removed then the oil is considered as refined. In such form the duration of storage is a bit longer (thus, canola oil goes bad seldom), but on the other hand, such oil lacks in valuable nutrients and components.

  • Storage conditions

Eat By Date gives few useful recommendations on the proper oil storage. The oil has to be kept in refrigerator or at least away from straight light, as this will lead to component degrading and losing the value of the product. Therefore, dark or opaque bottle will be a perfect container.


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Shelf life of sesame oil

It has been studied and stated that the storage duration of sesame seed oil is six months. It is hard to tell whether the oil became rancid by tasting it only, as the taste does not differ much. However, Ehow has some tips on finding out whether the oil went rancid, like heating it in order to determine the rancidity through scent. So the best option is to keep the track of storage and try using the oil before the expiry date.


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The rancid oil problem

As it is known, there are a lot of sesame oil benefits. The oil has fighting free radicals properties. However, when the oil becomes rancid, these properties change into straight opposite and may actually cause damage to health. This is why it is important to make sure the oil is fresh in order to fully benefit from its features.