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5 Amazing Benefits of Argan Oil for Skin

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Argan oil for skin has been a solution to all kinds of skin problems for Moroccan women for a long time.  Since this so call liquid gold came to Western world, it has gained popularity among American customers as well as beauty experts and skin specialists. The name of this oil came from the name of the tree from the kernels of which it is extracted. Argan tree or Argania Spinosa grows nearly exclusively in Morocco that is why its oil is rather rare and expensive. Besides being a highly effective moisturizer, argan oil is an excellent remedy for acne. Vitamins A and E contained in it reduce the secretion of sebum in overly oily skin which leads to unclogging its pores and in that way treats acne.

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Argan oil benefits for skin

  1. Moistening. Due to the fatty acids and some other elements contained in argan oil, it is a great moisturizer for dry and irritated skin according to Argan Oil Society. It makes the skin soft and improves its elasticity.
  2. Inflammatory skin disorders treatment. Being highly rich in antioxidants, argan oil is a good remedy for such inflammatory skin diseases like eczema, psoriases and acne. It treats acne scars and prevents further skin breakouts.
  3. Anti-aging properties. Argan oil skin treatment prevents premature aging of the skin. In addition to other argan oil benefits it reduces the appearance of wrinkles, age spots and crow’s feet. After regular using argan oil, skin which once was lifeless, dull and aging, will look young, fresh and healthy.
  4. Healing and protecting. Argan oil heals little cuts, scratches and evens scars due to the deep nourishment and its anti-inflammatory properties. It also prevents the skin from the harmful impact of the environment, sun and free radicals. What is more, it is able to prevent stretch marks on skin during pregnancy.
  5. Making nails strong. Argan oil gives strength to the nails that are weak and easily breakable. It also smoothes the skin at the roots of the nails and strengthens it as well. You may use it instead of almond oil for nails.


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How to apply

For greater argan oil skin benefits it should be properly applied.  We suggest using pure argan oil as it keeps most of its valuable properties. You can apply argan oil either on face or on nails. To apply argan oil on face, thoroughly wash your hands and massage a couple of drops on your face. It is easily absorbed by the skin and does not leave greasy and oily feelings. For nails you can use a mixture of an equal amount of argan oil and lemon juice. Dip your nails into it for about 10 minutes. The lemon juice adds to the beneficial properties of argan oil both for the nails and cuticles. Argan oil benefits for hair as well.