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Black Currant Oil Side Effects: Are There Any of Them?

black currant oil side effects

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Have you heard of black currant oil side effects? Black currant oil is extracted from the seeds of black currants. Eating these berries, their juice or their oil is recommended by many doctors due to highly beneficial nutrients in their content.  According to Wikipedia black currant oil is a high source of omega-6 and omega-3 fats containing 15-20% and 12-14% of them correspondingly. However, there are black currant oil side effects mainly caused by the excessive consumption of the oil. 

Allergic reactions

One of the most common black currant oil side effects is skin rash appeared due to the personal allergy to the oil.  The oil may induce itching, swollen lips, hives and other usual allergic symptoms. More severe reactions like chest pain or difficulty in breathing are noticed rarely.

Sometimes people suffer from irritation when they apply black currant oil topically. If you are sensitive to this oil dilute it with olive oil, corn oil or almond oil.


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Blood thinning

As black currant oil has omega-3 essential fatty acids it has a lot of benefits. However, the consumption of this oil for a long time may lead to blood-thinning. The increase in blood flow may cause venous disorders and increase the risk of bleeding. In case you already take anticoagulants like warfarin, aspirin or heparin consult your doctor before consuming black currant oil. If you are planning to have a surgery it is recommended to stop consuming black currant oil 3 weeks prior to it.


Most of the black currant oil side effects are a result of overdose. The oil is a source of omega-6 gamma-linolenic acid beneficial for our health. It makes up 14% of the total amount of fatty acids. The highest possible dose of GLA is 3,000 mg according to the UMMC. High amounts of black currant oil may lead to inflammation as omega-6 fatty acids consumed in excess have a pro-inflammatory effect.


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Gastrointestinal problems

However, the overuse of GLA may lead to the unpleasant results as far as the gastrointestinal system is concerned. Some people may suffer from diarrhea, upset stomach or abdominal cramping.

Risk of prostate cancer

Sometimes doctors warn men of over 50 years oil against black currant oil as omega-6 fatty acids in it may lead to the prostate tumor cells growth. In general, men who are at a higher risk of prostate cancer should lessen their consumption of oils rich in omega-6 fats. Black currant oil is only one of the numerous oils including corn oil, vegetable oil and other popular oils.


As black currant oil side effects are observed in case of the incorrect consumption and the benefits of the oil prevail over its side effects the oil is recommended for usage. Simply start from the low dosage and add black currant oil gradually to your diet.