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Black Currant Oil: Hair Loss Treatment for Healthy Hair

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If you apply back currant oil hair loss won’t be your problem any longer. Black currant oil is derived from the seeds of black currants. Black currants according to Wikipedia are highly beneficial berries with a great amount of health benefits due to their richness in vitamins and minerals. Black currant oil is not so high in vitamins but as Wikipedia states it possesses beneficial fatty acids that make it useful for our health. Besides the anti-inflammatory effect and black currant oil benefits for the heart it is great for hair. What are the benefits of black currant oil for hair?

Benefits of black currant oil for hair

The oil is high in omega-6 and omega-3 fats necessary for your hair health. Fatty acids of black currant oil nourish the hair, hydrate it and encourage hair growth. People use black currant oil against hair loss as the oil penetrates into the hair follicles, strengthens hair roots and promotes hair growth. The oil contains GLA, or gamma-linolenic acid, which is effective against hair splitting, thinning and dryness. Black currant oil moisturizes the hair that prevents hair loss as well. Moreover, the oil has the anti-inflammatory effect and may help with scalp inflammation. It is a good idea to combine the oil with castor oil for hair loss treatment. You may feel the benefits of black currant oil for hair when you apply the oil internally or topically.


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Internal consumption

If you want to consume black currant oil against hair loss you need 500 mg capsules two or three times a day. You may buy the oil in capsules at amazon.com. There are 1000 mg capsules available but you’d better start from the lower amount to check your reaction. Black currant oil in capsules is recommended as it is difficult to receive enough GLA from your diet and black currant oil is also a source of ALA and oleic acids important for your body.

Topical application

Besides internal application black currant oil for hair can be applied topically. There is liquid black currant oil at amazon.com. The oil should be applied to the hair and scalp massaging it into the roots. Black currant oil is absorbed by the scalp and hair and the hair will be shinier, sturdier and stronger.  You may use black currant oil for hair as:

It is possible to heat the oil a little bit before application so that it will penetrate the hair better.


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When we apply natural remedies for our hair treatment the result won’t happen overnight. It is necessary to use black currant oil for at least a month to see the effect. In general, only the regular use of the oil for 6-8 weeks will give you the desired results. The combination of internal and topical application of black currant oil stops hair loss and improves the hair health.


Black currant oil is safe but if you want to consume it as a supplement you should consult your doctor as black currant seed oil may have side effects, interact with your medications. Sometimes it causes an allergic reaction. Start from the low amount to check your sensitivity.