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Coconut Oil vs Olive Oil

coconut oilOne of the most popular topics nowadays is the healthy food, dietary supplements, healthy cooking and a lot of other related topics. A lot of people wonder, which oil is the best for cooking – coconut or olive one? For sure, they are both beneficial for the organism and for the process of cooking your food.  But for chasing the best oil for cooking, we should analyze such facts as process of manufacturing, natural structure and consequences of usage of coconut oil vs olive oil.

Coconut oil

For production of the coconut oil there can be used bunch of different methods, but the most widespread is cold press. After the getting the coconut meat, it is dried and coconut oil is pressed out. This method is called cold press, because no heat is applied and oil is pressed out of the separated flash.


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Olive oil

As to olive oil, there is used quite similar technique. One difference, oil is pressed out directly from the olives. After that, oil is going through the purification. Process does not contain any addition of the chemicals and takes all from its initial natural structure.

If we want to compare natural elements of these oils, we should consider that they are made of the totally different elements, although both are oiled ones. Comparison of coconut oil vs olive oil got a lot of the different sides, but there is no certain answer. As studies are made according to some sides of these questions, their effectiveness certainly stays subjective. But here we would describe this question, as to give you the most precise answer.

As to coconut oil nutrition profile, it is primarily composed of the medium chain fatty acids. They give a lot of the different beneficial effects, as:

  •  increased level of metabolism
  •  increasing weight loss
  • directly converting into energy, without depositing
  • beneficial for skin and hair structure (read more about coconut oil for skin)
  • heart diseases prevention

If we would analyze olive oil, we would find out that it is composed primarily of monounsaturated fats.  In its turn, they provide such benefits for olive oil:

  • reduced risk of cardio problems
  • controlling cholesterol level within acceptable limits
  • control of the blood pressure
  • reduce risk of diabetes
  • reduce risk of cancer
  • decreasing the risk of depression


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So, we can see that benefit of coconut oil vs olive oil can be very differential depending on the situation. As to provide you a clear line as to their usage, we can give examples of situations in which some of them are better to use.

  • add olive oil to your salads
  • use olive oil for making dressings
  • use olive oil for dipping
  • for baking use coconut oil
  • use coconut oil when sautéing
  • for high heat cooking use coconut oil