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Is Macadamia Nut Oil Comedogenic: Mythbusting the Matter of Oil and Skin

macadamia nut oil comedogenic

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The majority of people feel suspicious about applying oil on skin as a treatment for clogged pores. Is macadamia nut oil comedogenic or can it be used as a way to treat clogged pores?

The insight into the problem

Comedogenes are actually acne which is commonly observed in form of blackheads and pimples as well as skin inflammation and irritation, as stated by WebMD. Acne occurs because of pore clogging by dead cells and sebum, which in case of acne is overly produced. Generally sebum keeps the skin elastic and strong, thus making it healthy enough to protect our body and carry on its function as a barrier. However, when sebum is over-produced, it mixes up with dry and dead skin cells and results in acne breakout.


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What is the macadamia oil effect on acne

Macadamia nut oil has magic properties of “vanishing” on the skin due to extremely fast absorption. As well this oil is recommended for skin care as its composition includes few very valuable substances for skin. Among them are:

  • Linoleic acid

When skin does not produce enough linoleic acid, it substitutes it with oleic acid which is more firm and dry. Oleic acid has a tendency to become stuck and therefore, is very likely to form blackheads and pimples. Macadamia nut oil is rich in linoleic acid, and thus the application of this oil will provide your skin and hair with necessary amount of it and keep it moisturized and healthy.

  • EFAs

Essential fatty acids perform many functions in our body, and one of them is keeping skin strong and healthy by supplying it with required substances. These fats are considered good and beneficial unlike some other fats, according to Mayo Clinic. EFAs enhance protective abilities of the skin, moisturize it and help regulating the waste and toxin transfer out of the body.


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Summing up, macadamia nut oil is actually quite beneficial for your skin and for improving its condition. However, before beginning to use it, you are advised to consult a specialist first to ensure that this product is suitable for you.

  • ess

    So… Is macadamia nut oil pore-clogging, or not? It seems that the post has not addressed the very question it put forth in the title.

  • http://www.aprillilyrose.com/ Sophie

    Wondering if you’ve got the fatty acid profile the wrong way round? Macadamia oil is actually high in oleic acid (60%) and low in linoleic acid (1.8%) – article here: http://www.cabdirect.org/abstracts/19730314612.html;jsessionid=8B2B299E371E4392F37F735185545DF8

    I suffer from acne and avoid using macadamia oil on my face to prevent breakouts. It would be great for people with dry skin but definitely not for oily problem skin! I don’t mind using it as a body moisturiser though :)