Palm Oil Uses: Facts That You Didn’t Know About

palm oil uses

Palm oil uses are numerous as it has benefits and fits many different purposes. Being considerably cheap, this oil can be used in such different spheres of our life as cooking, health and beauty product and even gasoline. So what is palm oil used for?

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Palm Oil Products: Things You Have to Know

palm oil products

While palm oil is widely spread all over the world and there are a great variety of palm oil products, starting from food and continuing with household goods, the number of people concerned about its usage is growing. People are becoming more aware of the possible damage ...

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What is Argan Oil: A Natural Miracle

what is argan oil

Moroccan argan oil has gained great importance in Western world in recent decades. So what is argan oil?  It is the oil derived from the kernels of the tree which grows almost exclusively in Southwestern Morocco named argan tree. There are two types of argan oil which are ...

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Olive Oil Cake: Replace Butter in Your Bakery

olive oil cake

Olive oil is widely used in baking instead of butter. Olive oil cake is rather dense and has a faintly fruity flavor.  Mediterranean people have been using olive oil for this purpose for centuries and it is very famous for its delicious cakes, breads, pastry and biscuits. The ...

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Macadamia Nut Oil vs Olive Oil: A Choice Between the Best

macadamia nut oil vs olive oil

The choice between macadamia oil vs olive oil is really hard. Both macadamia nut and olive oils have powerful features that can make them the best. Healthy lifestyle is today’s trend and more and more people are paying attention to products that are beneficial for health and ...

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Red Palm Oil for Hair: Natural and Miraculous

red palm oil for hair

Red palm oil for hair is among products that do magic to our hair. Our hair is the reflection of our lifestyle and well-being. It is easy to tell whether the person is stressed or tensed by his or her weak and brittle hair. Dust and pollution ...

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How to Make Sunflower Oil: All about Sunflower Oil Production

how to make sunflower oil

How to make sunflower oil? Have you ever asked youself? In fact, there are two main types of seeds used for sunflower oil production according to the National Sunflower Association: Oilseed – small and black, very high in oil; processed into sunflower oil and bird meal; Non-oilseed, ...

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The Amazing Argan Oil Benefits

argan oil benefits

Argan oil benefits include skin and hair care as well as general health benefits. It is made from the kernels of argan tree also known as Argania spinosa. In grows mostly in Morocco, however it can be also found in some regions of Israel and Algeria. This ...

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Sesame Oil vs Olive Oil: Which to Choose?

sesame oil vs olive oil

Sesame oil vs olive oil: they are incredibly healthy and beneficial for our well-being, which makes it so hard to decide which one of them is more preferable. We have compared both these oils according to their nutrition value and content to see which oil is more ...

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