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Corn Oil vs Olive Oil

corn oil vs olive oil

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Let’s compare corn oil vs olive oil to find out the difference between these two oils and which oil we should prefer in our nutrition.  Olive oil is believed to be the healthiest of all oils. It is widespread in the Mediterranean region. It contains healthy fats, anti-oxidants and vitamins. What about corn oil? Corn oil is very popular in the United States. It is added to mainly all commercially-produced foods


Olive oil is derived by mechanical pressing of olive. It is natural fruit oil and famous for its specific flavor. There are various types of olive oil available. Extra virgin oil is the most beneficial as it is done without using any chemicals and all nutrients are kept in this oil. The smoke point of extra virgin olive oil is low. We can also find virgin and extra light olive oils which are less flavorful and more suitable for medium- and high-heat cooking.

Corn oil is refined oil. How is corn oil made? It is extracted from the corn germs; chemicals are used to press and refine it. It is light and possesses a neutral, a bit sweet flavor. The smoke point of the oil is high: 450°F. Corn oil as well as olive oil contains mainly fat. They are highly caloric containing 119 calories in one tablespoon.


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Fat profile

Another difference of corn oil vs olive oil is the fatty acid composition. Although these oils are a source of mainly unsaturated fats their fat profiles are different. As we can see from nutritiondata olive oil is a source of:

-                     73% monounsaturated fats,

-                     9.8% omega-6 fatty acids,

-                     0.5% omega-3 fats,

-                     14 % saturated fats.

Corn oil is high in polyunsaturated omega-6 fats. According to nutritiondata it has:

-                     27.6% monounsaturated fats,

-                     53.5% omega-6 fats,

-                     1.1% omega-3 fats,

-                     13% saturated fats.

Olive oil has a bit more saturated fats than corn oil but monounsaturated fats in olive oil are considered heart-healthier than omega-6 fats from corn oil. Researchers have found that olive oil has the following health benefits: it reduces total cholesterol level, lowers high blood pressure, may help decrease the risk of breast cancer and reduce inflammation. Meanwhile, a large amount of omega-6s in corn oil may lead to disproportion of these fats to omega-3s in the body and can cause inflammatory processes. Corn oil is more beneficial for our heart than animal fat, but the benefits of olive oil outweigh corn oil.


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As corn oil burns at a high temperature it can be used for all types of cooking. It is better to apply it instead of extra virgin olive oil for deep-frying and high-temperature baking. Moreover, olive oil adds its flavor to dishes which is sometimes undesirable. Olive oil is perfect for salad dressing as it is not heated there and provides you with a lot of nutrients.

Undoubtedly, olive oil is better for human health in the opposition “corn oil vs olive oil”. However, corn oil can be used as well, only in moderation and in combination with other types of oil.

  • Julie Kratzer

    the fact that corn oil is processed with chemicals raises a red flag to me. If olives can be pressed why can’t corn be done the same way?