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3 Steps of How to Make Corn Oil at Home

how to make corn oil

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When you know how to make corn oil at home you may get healthy oil. Unfortunately, the oil sold in the stores is extracted and refined using chemicals. Corn oil is high in polyunsaturated fatty acids, beneficial for our skin, hair and metabolism.  It is applied for frying, baking, salad dressings and what not. The high smoke point of the oil allows to heat it to high temperatures without any risk for our health. How to make corn oil by yourself?

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Production process

Corn oil is derived from corn, namely from its germ. It is 85% fat and a primary source of corn oil. This oil is made using chemicals as Wikipedia states. Hexanes are used to squeeze all the oil from corn kernels. The oil is degummed and alkali refined. Some chemicals can be left in the oil after such process of extraction. Moreover, corn oil is processed at high temperatures for deodorization and it destroys useful nutrients of corn as well.


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How to make corn oil at home

You can make your own corn oil at home. This is the only way to be sure that you have natural corn oil without additives. It is possible to achieve 2.5 lbs. of corn oil from a bushel of dried corn. So how to make corn oil at home?

 You will need

  • Bushel of corn
  • Garlic press or mechanical press
  • Strainer
  • Bucket


  1. First of all, we should press the corn kernels. Before pressing place corn in warm water for 12-24 hours. They will become soft and it will be much easier to press them. After that take them from water and press using a mechanical press or a garlic press. The procedure is the same: we will turn corn kernels into pulp. The pulp is slushy and watery. It is what we need. Press all the corn into a bucket.
  2. Now you have a liquid with some solid parts of corn. You need to strain the liquid. Use a strainer and remove all floating particles from the liquid. You receive the clean liquid.
  3. The next step of how to make corn oil is to wait for several days. Water in the liquid will evaporate. As water and oil have different densities they won’t mix. Let water evaporate by itself. You may just speed up the process by dividing the liquid into several bowls and putting them in the sun. The more area of evaporation will be the quicker you will make corn oil. After several days water will evaporate and you will see a yellow residue – corn oil. Pour it into a dark glass bottle not to go bad and label with the date of manufacturing.
  • bwgirl

    Seems to me that if you have the liquid from pressed corn and it has any particles from the corn in it, and you set it in the sun, you are going to have rancid liquid on your hands.

  • Gioga Salom

    Please by exposing the pressed corn to evaporate,how do you get the oil?will it come out it self
    or cooking just like coconut oil?