Olive Oil for Dogs: What Are the Benefits?

olive oil for dogs

  Using olive oil for dogs is beneficial for the general health, digestive system and coat of your pet.  Olive oil is widely used by people for health and personal care purposes and can be a valuable food supplement for your dog as well. It should be ...

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Sunflower Oil vs Olive Oil vs Canola Oil

sunflower oil vs vegetable oil

  Modern market offers numerous healthy vegetable oils for the substituting unhealthy saturated fats with beneficial unsaturated ones. In order not to be confused, one should know the basic comparative information about the most common oils in the kitchen. One of them is sunflower oil competing mostly ...

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Natural Oral Care: Sea Buckthorn Oil for Healthy Teeth

Sea Buckthorn Oil for Healthy

  The health of our teeth and gums is incredibly important for the whole body well-being. It directly affects our digestive system, as the quality of the food that gets in the stomach depends on how well it has been chewed and crushed by our teeth. Well-chewed ...

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Tea Tree Oil for Scalp Psoriasis: 3 Easy Treatment Recipes

tea tree oil for lice

  According to the American Academy of Dermatology scalp psoriasis is a skin disorder considered as a source of strong irritation. Scalp psoriasis makes the affected scalp area tight, sore and even bloody.  Scalp psoriasis is caused by the disorders of the immune system when it is ...

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Coconut Oil Eczema Treatment: How to Make It Effective

coconut oil eczema

  Eczema is a chronic disorder of the skin. People of any age, even babies, can face this problem. Eczema presents different kinds of inflammations that affect in the main outer skin surface. Eczema causes rushes and itches, makes the skin dry, red and scaly.  In a ...

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5 Flaxseed Oil Benefits for Men

flaxseed oil benefits for men

  Flaxseed oil is rich in very important and useful nutrients necessary for the body. This makes flaxseed oil health beneficial and disease inhibiting. Flaxseed oil contains essentially important omega-3 fatty acids. They are also found in fish and fish oils. For those who are allergic to ...

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All in One Pack: Wheat Germ Oil for Perfect Skin Care

wheat germ oil for skin

  Using wheat germ oil for skin is as a reasonable solution as ingesting it for overall health benefits. The chemical composition of the oil is ideal for promoting younger looking, smoother skin as well as for healing scars, stretch marks and dermatitis.

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