Is Krill Oil Better Than Fish Oil?

krill oil vs fish oil

Omega-3 fatty acids are vitally important for our health and exclusively beneficial.  As Wikipedia states, Omega-3 fatty acids are essential for right functioning of your nervous system, brain and vision. Researches prove the efficiency of consuming omega-3 fats for cardiovascular and nervous systems, for lowering inflammation. Fish ...

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Easy, Cheap and EFFECTIVE Olive Oil Hair Treatment

olive oil hair treatment

It is widely known that olive oil hair treatment is a high-quality choice for those who prefer natural alternative for commercial products. Although we are used to thinking of olive oil first of all as a cooking oil, it is indispensable in personal care as well. MD-Health.Com ...

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Coconut Oil and Diabetes. 4 Reasons to Add It to Your Diet

coconut oil diabetes

  Coconut oil, a common ingredient in consumption of a lot of tropical residents, has been recommended for a variety of diseases for several centuries. Due to the health beneficial properties of coconut oil diabetes type I and II can be treated with it. Coconut oil is ...

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Flaxseed Oil in Bodybuilding: Why and How

flaxseed oil bodybuilding

  The aim of bodybuilding is to enlarge muscle mass and reduce body fat, receiving excellent physical appearance. Proper nutrition is needed to keep this physical state and restore from the necessarily intensive training. Consuming flaxseed oil in addition to your bodybuilding exercises can better your health ...

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IMPORTANT! 6 Fish Oil Side Effects You Must Be Aware of

fish oil side effects

  Fish oil supplements are considered safe by many people. However, when you take fish oil side effects may appear. According to, the fish oil supplements are taken daily by a lot of Americans. They are the most wide-spread in the market – even more than multivitamins. Consult ...

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Easy Olive Oil Shampoo Recipe

olive oil shampoo

  Olive oil shampoo greatly moisturizes and nourishes your hair and makes it strong and shiny, states MD-Health.Com. Olive oil totally penetrates the hair thus protecting it from the excess damage. It is widely used to treat split ends and flyaways. Due to the antioxidant properties of ...

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The Astonishing Health Benefits of Almond Oil

almond oil health benefits

  Many health beneficial properties of almond oil were recognized even thousands of years ago. Almond oil is an integral part of Ayurvedic medicines. Our ancestors knew of such health benefits of almond oil as improvement of heart health, delaying ageing and maintaining sharp memory. Almond oil ...

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Sunflower Oil: Nutrition Facts

sunflower oil nutrition

  The source of sunflower oil is sunflower seeds, which are full of essential fatty acids and Vitamin E. All of the compounds of sunflower oil are in balance. They have a good impact on human health if consumed in moderation.

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Cooking Tips: Can I Fry with Olive Oil?

can i fry with olive oil

  They say olive oil is healthy and useful food. What about cooking with olive oil? Pure olive oil added to salads is a source of unsaturated fatty acids, polyphenols, vitamin E and iron. It helps our heart, lowers cholesterol and what not. However, oils are continuously ...

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Coconut Oil and Candida: Why and How

coconut oil candida

  Candida is yeast that live in digestive system of approximately 80% of people, as Wikipedia states. As long as it is controlled by probiotics (“good” microorganisms) it won’t do any harm to our health. Under the influence of stress, antibiotics, malnutrition, birth control pills and some ...

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