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All Hemp Oil Uses in Medicine and Cosmetics

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Hemp seed oil being a rich source of many useful nutrients and vitamins, nowadays is widely consumed for both health and cosmetic purposes.  Therefore, there are a lot of hemp oil uses in medicine for a number of diseases and in body and hair care.

Medical consumption of hemp seed oil

 “What can hemp seed oil be used for? What are the uses for hemp seed oil?” These understandable questions should not bother you anymore since we are going to tell you how and what this magic oil can be used for!

In this section we will take a closer look at a few examples of these diseases and how exactly does hemp seed oil work on them. The information is provided by Hemp Health, Nutrition&Metabolism Journal, Guide to Hemp Seed Oil.

  • PMS syndrome

Most of the women during their premenstrual syndrome experience huge pain, muscle tension, depression and irritation. Scientists found out that these women have a fatty acid metabolism disorder during their PMS, where the conversion of linoleic acid into GLA (gamma-linoleic acid) is worse than it should be. Due to the presence of GLA in it, hemp seed oil can significantly reduce the symptoms and therefore ease the pain and the flow of PMS.

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  • Cardiovascular diseases

The reason for the majority of cardiovascular diseases is arterial plaque that is formed mainly by LDL cholesterol. Such plaques block the blood flow and may result in strokes or arteriosclerosis. Consumption of hemp oil, due to the present GLA, may decrease the level of LDL and total cholesterol really fast.

  • Neurodermitis

Patients with neurodermitis suffer from constant itching and dry skin. They do not have enough fatty acids in their body, while these acids are responsible for controlling water loss and whole body functioning. Since hemp seed oil is rich with fatty acids (and also linoleic and gamma-linoleic acids, see hemp oil nutrition data for more details), it helps improve and cure the disease by balancing the level of water in the body and regulating its loss through the skin. In neurodermitis treatment, hemp oil can be applied externally (on the skin) or consumed.

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Cosmetic uses of hemp oil

It has been proved that linoleic acids and GLA have therapeutic and biochemical effects on our skin, and as was mentioned above, hemp seed oil contains both linoleic acid (50%-60%) and gamma-linoleic acid. In addition, the EFA profile of hemp oil closely resembles the natural lipids of our skin.

Therefore, this oil is by far considered one of the best products against dehydration and degreasing due to its moisturizing effect. In addition, hemp seed oil can help defeating acne, which is most commonly observed among young people, aged 12-17. Acne is caused by hormone imbalance, which can be improved by GLA and LA. And obviously, since hemp seed oil is so rich in nutrients and EFAs, it greatly improves keratin formation in the hair (keratin is the hair’s most important protein and is responsible for its structure). It is recommended to use hemp oil for hair. The oil’s lipid content also affects volume, shine and elasticity of the hair.