Natural Treatment: Castor Oil for Fibroids

castor oil for fibroids

It is advised to use castor oil for fibroids treatment. Fibroids influence the fertility and may cause the miscarriage in women. Sometimes they don’t need any treatment. Usually they are treated with medications. Only surgery can remove fibroids completely. Natural methods are also worth trying as they can ...

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Castor Oil for Constipation: Safe or Not

castor oil constipation

Castor oil for constipation is a good natural choice. Castor oil is a vegetable oil. It is extracted from the seeds of the castor oil plant. According to Wikipedia the main component of the oil is the ricinoleic acid. It is an unsaturated fatty acid which contributes to ...

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Castor Oil for Arthritis: Will It Help?

castor oil constipation

Folk medicine recommends using castor oil for arthritis treatment. Castor oil is derived from castor beans. The oil has an unusual composition that benefits for its healing properties. Castor oil can be used to treat constipation, inflammation, yeast and fungal infections, headache, acne, etc. How can the ...

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Warning! Castor Oil Side Effects

Castor Oil side effects

Castor oil is famous for its outstanding benefits for skin and hair care, for its ability to treat constipation and what not. However, you should remember of castor oil side effects before taking any decision to use castor oil. Inform your pharmacist or doctor of any allergies ...

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What is Canola Oil: Truth You Might Never Know

what is canola oil

What is canola oil? Some dietologists recommend it, some people warn against its use. Canola oil has become more and more widespread on the store shelves and in the recipes. There are many opposite opinions about canola oil. So what is canola oil made from? Where does ...

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Castor Oil for Dogs: Danger or Solution

castor oil for dogs

As castor oil is applied with such a success by humans can we use castor oil for dogs to treat the same health problems such as constipation, hair loss, fungal diseases, etc? Castor oil is extracted from castor oil plant seeds. The oil is known for its healing ...

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Try Castor Oil for Dark Circles

castor oil for dark circles

Is castor oil for dark circles effective? Many people suffer from dark circles under the eyes. This condition has a lot of reasons and can happen to almost all of us. Dark circles make us look stressed out and older. There are some commercial remedies to get rid of ...

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5 Healthy Canola Oil Substitutes

canola oil substitute

Cooking with healthy oils can give you certain health benefits. Canola oil is considered one of the healthiest oils among cooking oils as it is poor in saturated fat and rich in heart-healthy monounsaturated fatty acids and even has omega-3 fats (see Wikipedia). However, in case you ...

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Grapeseed Oil vs Canola Oil: Pros and Cons

Grapeseed oil vs canola oil

Recently, grapeseed oil has become rather popular starting the arguing on topic “grapeseed oil vs. canola oil”. Each oil has its own advantages and disadvantages. As closer comparison shows both of them should find their places on your kitchen shelves. No oil can be used for every ...

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Algae Oil Health Benefits: the Oil Everybody Needs

algae oil health benefits

Algae are tiny organisms living in the water. According to Wikipedia they are photosynthetic which means that they produce energy from sunlight. People use algae to produce oil for consumption and for biofuel. Algae oil health benefits are enormous because algae are rich in chlorophyll, minerals (iodine, ...

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Algae Oil Omega 3 Fats and Their Benefits

algae oil omega 3

Algae oil is produced from algae that are a diverse and large group of unicellular and multicellular organisms as Wikipedia states. Algae oil omega-3 fatty acids are very beneficial for our health that’s why the oil is recommended by all nutritionists. Today algae oil is pressed mainly ...

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Algae Oil Supplements: Benefits and Side Effects

algae oil supplements

According to Wikipedia algae are a diverse group of unicellular and multicellular organisms living in the water. Marine algae are used to produce algae oil. As algae have omega-3 fatty acids such as EPA and DHA, algae oil supplements are highly recommended for consumption due to their ...

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