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The Easy Way of How to Make Almond Oil at Home

how to make almond oil

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The best way how to make almond oil at home is a special almond oil press.  There are also other ways to receive almond oil. We’ll describe all of them.

What is almond oil?

Almond oil is derived from almond nuts which are the seeds of fruit that grow on almond trees. Almond oil is one of the best skin care products. According to Health Guidance, almond oil is used for dry skin, it reduces wrinkles, treats inflammation, facilitates psoriasis, eczema and skin rashes. It conditions hair and make it stronger.  Almonds are high in beneficial unsaturated fatty acids, vitamins, minerals and protein. These constituents of almond oil are maintained in almond oil when this oil is cold-pressed and organic.If you can’t find or afford almond oil on the market or you don’t believe that it is an organic product, you can make almond oil independently using a rather simple guidance given by Michael Joseph Hall (“How to Make Almond Oil”).

Almond oil is used safely for cosmetic purposes as it has no side effects for people without allergy to nuts.  You may do your own creams, masks, lip balms, hair conditioners, massage oils and other things after you get to know how to make almond oil at home. Read more about almond oil benefits.

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How to make almond oil at home?

1. Take well-dried almonds. Make sure they are not old and of high quality. Put them in a blender and crush. At first start with a low speed, increase it gradually to high.

2. Pause your blender for some time and start again. When your almonds stick together and form a sphere, it is necessary to stop the blender from time to time and clean off almonds.

3. Continue grinding. After some time the sphere will become a paste.

4. Add one more teaspoon of unrefined olive oil. Add more oil if you like.

5. When the paste is ready, put it in any glass jar and keep for 1-2 weeks at a room temperature. You should separate almond oil from an oil cake.

6. You may use your own almond oil for skin and hair care, as an aromatic remedy.

Almond oil press

There are manual hand almond oil presses in sale now. Their size is very small and they are really easy in operation. Even one person individually may use it and make oil at home.  Such manual hand oil press can process various seeds and nuts, not only almonds. How to make almond oil at home with this press?

At first whole almond nuts together with seed coat should be prepared. Then you should mount your almond oil press on a stable surface (for example, table). Before you put almonds into the expeller inlet it is necessary to heat the press cage.  When you finish all preparations, you may start turning the expeller crank to produce your own oil. Find out all almond oil uses.

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If you make your own almond oil at home you may notice that it is cloudy. It is so because if its natural particles. It is safe to use almond oil with them. Or it is possible to leave it still for a day and the particles will settle down. Afterwards simply pour clean oil into a jar or a bottle.

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    Hey..can I use coconut oil instead of olive oil…do let me know!


    Hey!!can I use coconut oil instead of olive oil???