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What is Sea Buckthorn Oil: Get to Know How to Choose

What is Sea Buckthorn Oil

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What is sea buckthorn oil? Sea buckthorn oil is produced from the whole berries or seeds of Hippophae Rhamnoides. This plant originates from Russia and can also be found in some parts of China and Mongolia. How to choose the best type of this oil abundant in health benefits?

What is sea buckthorn oil?

The oil has deep red or yellow color (depends on the kind) and may contain berry skins and parts. It is produced by cold pressing method, which allows the oil to preserve its natural flavor, aroma and obviously value. While pressing the berries with granite or steel presses, the temperature should not rise above 49oC (120 F), otherwise it will not be considered cold press. When some amount of oil is kept separately in a container together with the pressed material (berries with seeds and skins, which are removed later), it is afterwards considered as pure. Sea buckthorn oil should not be kept under low temperatures, as it may thicken and harden. This oil may be used for either medical or cosmetic purposes due to its nutrition profile (read more about uses of sea buckthorn oil).

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Sea buckthorn seed oil vs sea buckthorn berry oil

There are two kinds of sea buckthorn oils: seed oil and fruit (or berry) oil. It may seem that these oils are the same thing, but actually they serve different purposes and are extracted differently. They differ even in color: while seed oil has light orange or yellow color, the oil extracted from berries has deep red color. We are going to have a glance at each kind and its general features.

  • Sea buckthorn berry oil

Sea buckthorn fruit oil is extracted from the whole berry body, and is best used for digestion and skin care. According to Wikipedia, it is a good moisturizer, and can be used for acne (find out the benefits of sea buckthorn oil for acne treatment), eczema and psoriasis treatment, as well as a natural product for evening skin tone. Since it has a high amount of carotene, the oil assists in improving the eyesight and preventing some cancer forms.

  • Sea buckthorn seed oil

Sea buckthorn seed oil is produced from the actual seeds of the plant and is best used for improving immune and cardiovascular systems as well as brain and livery functioning. As Wikipedia states, it is very rich in vitamin E and EFAs, thus providing our body with substances, necessary for healthy functioning. Also, due to the linoleic acids, present in the oil, sea buckthorn seed oil assists our body in building and repairing cells.

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Choosing good oil

It is obvious you would prefer the best quality product, especially if for medical using. Therefore, organic sea buckthorn oil is the right choice. Organic means pure and free of any pesticides (no chemicals were used on the plant or during the making process), therefore all oil benefits are preserved and not damaged. In the United States there is a USDA organic control mark, standing for United States Department of Agriculture. The USDA mark on the product means high quality and safety; therefore it is a good idea to look for sea buckthorn oil with this mark on it. There are also a lot of sea buckthorn oil supplements for internal intake.