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Where to Buy Hemp Oil? Find out All Possibilities

where to buy hemp oil

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So you have heard a lot about hemp seed oil benefits and would like to purchase it? Where to buy hemp oil? Firstly, you have to define what will be the reason for the usage.

The purposes of usage

  • Medical

In case you need hemp oil for treating some disease or just to improve your health, first you can consult the doctor and find out whether you may consume the oil. Hemp oil has side effects. If the answer is positive, you can purchase the oil in a special store or buy it online. As well, according to your country of residence, hemp oil may be provided by the local Health Organization (like in Canada). It is so because in some countries/states hemp oil is still not considered a legal medicine, therefore certain difficulties in getting it may occur.

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  • Cosmetic

Hemp oil is considered beneficial for skin. If you want to use hemp oil as a body care product, you can find it practically everywhere, in the stores or online. However, the oil will be refined and in some cases, it will have an addition of other substances and oils.

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Stores and brands

In this section we will give you more information on certain brands that provide hemp seed oil and also on some stores, where you can find it.

  • Nutiva

Nutiva is a leading American company that promotes and provides healthy and organic nutritious food. It has a selection of hemp products such as: organic shelled hemp seed, organic cold-pressed hemp oil, organic hemp protein and organic hemp protein fiber, and also organic hemp shake. The oil that Nutiva offers is non-refined, and the shake comes in three flavors (Chocolate, Vanilla and Super Berry).

The stores can be found in the Unites States only, but online shopping is also possible (again, shipping only for US citizens). Good news is that recently Nutiva started direct shipping to Canada, offering few packages by your choice. You can read more about them and Nutiva company on the website.

  • GOOD Hemp Food

This English company provides only hemp products, which you can also find both online and in stores. If you go on the website, you will see a list of stores, where you can find the products. Clicking “In Stores” button opens a list of shops with detailed list where exactly you can find certain product. For example, Sainsbury’s has both Hemp Oil and Hemp Milk, while Holland & Barrett has only Hemp Protein. Also the company has online shop and delivery, which is free in UK if you order £20 or more.

  • Whole Foods Market

Whole Foods Market is an American chain of supermarkets that emphasizes natural products. It is well known for actively participating in environmental programs and encouraging customers to purchase eco-friendly products. Speaking about hemp products, the supermarkets offer a wide range, a major part of which comes in a form of snacks, like granolas, bars and even tortilla chips. The stores are located in Canada, US and UK, and there is a detailed site map on their website, that provides a lot of useful information for the customers and even has a forum, where clients can communicate and share recipes, ideas and opinions.