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Olive Oil Uses: Health and Personal Care

olive oil uses

Nowadays olive oil has been studied thoroughly so one can name dozens of uses for olive oil. Its benefits mostly concern health and personal care, though you may find some of its applications really surprising. Still in this particular article we would like to talk about those ...

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9 Easy Uses for Almond Oil

almond oil uses

  Almond oil is extracted from almonds. It can be extracted from Prunus amygdalus, sweet almonds, and from Prunus amygdalus amara, bitter almonds.  Different types of almond oil have completely different uses. According to Wikipedia, there is a number of prominent almond oil uses.

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Coconut Oil for Skin: DOs and DON’Ts

coconut oil skin

  Coconut oil has been used for centuries as a conditioning treatment for the skin and hair. Coconut oil contains medium-chain fatty acids, lauric, capric and caprylic fatty acids among them that provide much help in problem skin treatment.  Coconut oil has been applied for a long ...

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Does Your Kid Really Need Fish Oil?

fish oil for kids

  Cold water fish, for example salmon, has a lot of fish oil which is very beneficial for our health and that’s why fish is a necessary ingredient of a heart-healthy diet. Fish oil for children can be more useful in the form of fish oil supplements. ...

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Moderation is Health! High Oleic Sunflower Oil Adverse Effects

sunflower oil side effects

  High oleic sunflower oil is a variety of traditional sunflower oil. It comes from the seeds containing a high amount of monounsaturated fat in the form of oleic acid. Such oil is minimally 80 percent essential oleic (Omega-9) fatty acid, according to the National Sunflower Association. ...

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Flaxseed Oil Nutrition Facts

flaxssed oil nutrition

  Flaxseed oil is natural oil derived from seeds of the flax plant. It is grown in Western Canada and in the Northwest of the United States. Flaxseed oil is rich in omega-3 fatty acids that make it beneficial for our health.

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Olive Oil Vs Canola Oil

olive oil vs canola oil

  Olive oil and canola oil are presented in the market as healthy oils for consumption.  However, though they have much in common they differ greatly.

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Top 3 Uses for Sunflower Oil

sunflower oil top uses

  Sunflower oil is present in more and more products nowadays. Its taste and frying performance make it popular with chefs; its beauty benefits allow sunflower oil uses in cosmetics; the oil is used as a natural medical treatment as well.

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Flaxseed Oil Vs Fish Oil

flaxseed oil vs fish oil

  Flaxseed oil and fish oil are two various oils, the common feature of which is unsaturated fat content known as omega-3 essential fatty acids. These supplements possess similar mechanisms and in case of overdose cause potentially serious and almost equal side effects. What supplement to choose: ...

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Fish Oil during Pregnancy! Why?

fish oil pregnancy

  Fish oil – is an oily liquid obtained from the liver of fatty fish. It consists of three main components: vitamin A, vitamin D and omega-3, the presence of which makes fish oil so valuable for human health.

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Healing Properties of Almond Oil for Acne

almond oil acne

Studies have shown that application of almond oil for acne treatment is effective. Almond oil is often preferred to other oils as it is light and not greasy, it has a pleasant and slight scent, and it does work. Of course, the results may be different, as ...

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True or False: Does Coconut Oil Clog Pores?

does coconut oil clog pores

Is it true or false: does coconut oil clog pores? Coconut oil and its effect on  skin have been a controversial question for quite a period of time. While some people claim it has miraculous effect on the skin, others state their condition got worse and coconut oil ...

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