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18 Incredible Health Benefits of Coconut Oil

coconut oil benefits

Why is coconut oil good for you? The value of saturated and unsaturated fats depends on the length, type and number of fatty acids. Saturated animals fats differ greatly from coconut oil fatty acids. The major benefit of coconut oil fatty acid is that it is a ...

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3 Must Uses for Coconut Oil

coconut oil uses

  Coconut oil is sold in health-food stores around the USA. We’ll try to find out how to use coconut oil. We can suggest you many uses for coconut oil. Its place is not only in the kitchen. Coconut oil uses stretch far beyond simple cooking though ...

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Oil Pulling with Olive Oil

olive oil pulling

  Although the benefits of olive oil pulling haven’t been studied and described much, common healthy results of oil pulling can be applied to this type of oil as well.  Oil puling was mentioned in ancient Ayurveda texts.  This practice has been used for centuries to cure ...

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Olive Oil Hair Mask

olive oil hair mask

  Olive oil hair mask is a good solution for those who suffer from dry hair that often break and split. Due to its moistening and nourishing properties, olive oil protects weak and damaged hair, makes it strong and healthy.  Genetics, malnutrition, medications, smoking and bad ecology ...

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Olive Oil for Acne: How to Use

olive oil acne

  Using olive oil for acne treatment is a good and completely natural way to deal with this kind of skin problems. Extra virgin olive oil exhibits an amazing moistening, refreshing and protecting properties which makes it a perfect organic solution for those who suffer from acne. ...

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Coconut Oil and Weight Loss

coconut oil weight loss

  Most people keeping to a diet to lose weight avoid fat. They believe that fat contains a lot of calories and lead to overweight. However, calories are not the only thing necessary to lose or gain weight. The fact is that coconut oil contains a special ...

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Is Olive Oil Bad for You?

is olive oil bad for you

  At least once everybody’s heard of the amazing olive oil health benefits. We know that olive oil is rich in unsaturated fatty acids. It can aid with your heart problems, lower bad cholesterol and even control diabetes. But have you ever asked: “Is olive oil bad ...

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6 Substitutes for Olive Oil

olive oil substitute

  A lot of dishes need olive oil for their cooking, starting from salad dressings to sauces and frying. And what to do if you are allergic to olive or simply don’t like the flavor of olive oil? You may try to cook your favorite dishes with ...

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Why Use Olive Oil On Skin

olive oil skin

  Using olive oil for skin care either internally or topically has always been a solution to a number of skin problems. A lot of commercial beauty care products contain olive oil as their primary ingredient. However commercial products are not always a good option as they ...

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Olive oil for face: Forget Your Skin Care Products

olive oil for face

  People from the Mediterranean region have been using olive oil for face treatment for centuries. It makes a perfect moisturizer, general tonic or cleanser. Due to its moistening and antioxidant properties olive oil has found wide application in personal care. Applying olive oil on face directly ...

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6 Health Benefits of Olive Oil

olive oil health benefits

  Is olive oil is good for you and how? This question has been asked hundreds of times and a lot of researches were made to discover the health benefits of olive oil. Olive oil mostly consists from monounsaturated fats which makes this oil healthy and good ...

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How Your Hair Can Benefit From Coconut Oil

coconut oil for hair

Many people want to have silky strong healthy hair. Researches have been carried out to find natural ingredients that strengthen hair, lead to its growth and prevent hair loss. Using coconut oil for hair is a natural way to help hair. Let’s find the answer to the ...

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Coconut Oil Side Effects

coconut oil side effects

Today, almost everyone knows about the benefits of coconut oil. There stand out many questions about coconut oil side effects, which this natural food can cause.  As we want to bring you truth about the real side effects and whether they exist, we will describe essential facts ...

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