Castor Oil for Face: How to Feel its Benefits

castor oil hair treatment

Castor oil is taken from the castor oil plant, called also Ricinus communis. It is usually used as a laxative but cosmetologists recommend castor oil for face care. The oil is rich in the ricinoleic acid which is according to Wikipedia a strong anti-inflammatory agent.

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Castor Oil for Wrinkles: Get to Know Why You Need it

castor oil soap

Nowadays cosmetologists recommend using castor oil for wrinkles. Due its moisturizing and emollient effect, castor oil has been applied as a skin and hair care product for several ages. It was known in China, India and Egypt from the ancient times.

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Castor oil: Pregnancy and Childbirth

castor oil for scars

Castor oil and pregnancy have a long history of relationships. For over a century castor oil has been used to induce labor when the due date of delivery is over.  It was used when people had no medications to cure themselves. Nowadays there are new modern drugs ...

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Castor oil for Eyebrows: Easy and Effective

castor oil shampoo

If you have scant eyebrows you know that there are a lot of serums and creams for eyebrows. Castor oil for eyebrows is the effective alternative to them. The oil is a source of unsaturated fatty acid and used for hair and skin care. Women have decided ...

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Jamaican Black Castor Oil Benefits: a Miracle for Hair and Skin

jamaican black castor oil benefits

Jamaican black castor oil is made from the same castor beans as original castor oil. However, the different manufacturing process influences the features of the oil and its benefits. As a result people differentiate two castor oils and value Jamaican black castor oil benefits. What are the ...

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7 Jamaican Black Castor Oil Uses

jamaican black castor oil uses

Jamaican black castor oil is a wonderful product for DIY recipes. It is so rich in benefits so you may incorporate it in all skin and hair products and not only in them. What are the most popular Jamaican black castor oil uses?

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Jamaican Black Castor Oil for Hair Growth

jamaican black castor oil for hair growth

If you have any problems with hair, if you suffer from hair loss you should obviously pay attention to Jamaican black castor oil for hair growth. The oil is one of the most effective natural means for hair care as it easily penetrates the scalp and hair ...

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What is Sea Buckthorn Oil: Get to Know How to Choose

What is Sea Buckthorn Oil

What is sea buckthorn oil? Sea buckthorn oil is produced from the whole berries or seeds of Hippophae Rhamnoides. This plant originates from Russia and can also be found in some parts of China and Mongolia. How to choose the best type of this oil abundant in ...

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Castor Oil: Laxative Effect Given by Nature

castor oil laxative

Castor oil has been applied for treating constipation for ages. Castor oil laxative effect was even known by ancient doctors. However, the usage of castor oil as a laxative remedy may have side effects and nowadays scientific researches are carried out to prove whether it is safe ...

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